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Highway Landscape
County of Ablemarle Roadway Enhancement CARE

ArtInPlace intends to help define and communicate Albemarle County’s unique character through the introduction of the art expressed in landscape architecture. This beautification helps combat the visual homogenization that results from the proliferation of gas stations, fast food restaurants, and strip malls in the urban ring. As Albemarle County grows economically we must be simultaneously dedicated to improving the quality of life in urbanizing areas and entryways. With VDOT’s new Comprehensive Roadside Management regulations in place it allows medians to be “adopted” by local businesses’ donations therefore involving the community in this effort to enhance visual integrity, character and sense of place. Landscaping signals to a visitor that they are in a special place, soothes the resident at the red light and provides a rich legacy of beauty for future generations.

Through a partnership with the County and VDOT’s LEAF Program, landscape groups design and cooperate with the County in the installation of a designated site in the urban ring and receive appropriate signage for the donations to create the site. The County of Albemarle then maintains the site.

In the spring of 2006, the County approved the budget to maintain three beautification sites in the urban ring. The first landscape project was completed by the Charlottesville Garden Club in the spring of 2007 at the Fontaine exit off the 29/250 ByPass.

There are still two more sites available to be designed. A complete description of the proposal made to Albemarle County with the suggested process to design and install a landscaped site is available.

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