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Sculpture Exhibit 2005-2006


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Barn Wave by Christopher Fennell

Dog Horse by David Breeden and Alison Watkins

Lizard King by Doug Makemson

Mountain Landscape by Hanna Jubran

Barn Wave
McIntire Road
A Great Eastern Management
Prize Winner
Dog Horse
McIntire Road

Lizard King
250 ByPass at
Meadowbrook Heights Road

Mountain Landscape
Emmet Street near
Barracks Road
A Great Eastern Management
Prize Winner

Growing Victory by Sam Spiczka

Open Apex by Rob Lorenson

Skylines by Mike Roig

Work for the Night is Coming by Charlie Brouwer

Growing Victory
Fifth Street near Cherry Avenuet
Open Apex
250 Bypass at the
Fire Station

Meade Park

Work for the Night
is Coming
Corner of Market and High Streets

Rorschach by Michael Cottrell

Intersection by Roger Halligan

Emmet Street and
Stadium Road

Preston Avenue at
Rose Hill Drive


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