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by Wendy Klemperer
steel, epoxy
2 Elks (Irish Deer): 10' x 12' x 6'

Location: McIntire Road/Shencks Branch Park

Wendy Klemperer Sculpture

Value: Walking Elk: $12,000

Philip Smith Sculpture

Value: Calling Elk: $15,000

Artist Statement

While making these sculptures of some of the largest in the family of deer (elk, red deer) I was interested in conveying the feeling of ponderous mass combined with elegance and agility. In shaping the antlers I become involved in making abstract, drawn shapes in addition to depicting a recognizable form. The size of these sculptures seems almost prehistoric, recalling an era when elk may have wandered across all of North America, and herds of immense Irish Deer, now extinct, populated a wilder Europe.

For years I have concentrated on large outdoor sculpture in a wide variety of locations: sculpture parks and gardens, city streets, on the banks of (and even in) rivers, placing natural imagery in many different settings. A lifelong study of animals informs my sculptural process; this naturalism is not the sole objective of my work, but a means to convey an expressive moment. The materials I use retain a raw, rough-edged quality, presenting the image with tactile directness. To make the sculptures I search scrap yards and construction sites for steel that has been discarded and ravaged by life in the yard. Bent and twisted, such pieces contain energy and a potential new life. The sculptures are ultimately not just about animals, but use the body language of animals to express a feeling or state of being. The driving force of the work is the dynamic line running throughout, conveying raw energy within a sinuous form to evoke a visceral response in the viewer.

Wendy Klemperer
393 Bushwick Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11206
Phone: 718-628-4284

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