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New World
by Thomas Lingeman
red sandstone & steel
7.5' x 7.5' x 3'

Location: Market Street/High Street

Thomas Lingeman Sculpture

Value: $10,000

Artist Statement

"New World" symbolizes the conflict between religious fundamentalism and globalization. Both human made circumstances, when forced into confrontation, threaten world stability. The stone feature could be an ancient calendar or an ancient map of the world viewed from above one of the poles. Its fragmentary nature implies the passage of time and mysterious function. Could it have been an architectural element, or used in religious ceremonies, or a stone wheel or a mill stone? We cannot know because it has been robbed of its original context and given a new, very discordant package of steel. Like the fragmentary sculptural edifice of the Parthenon called the Elgin Marbles, named after Lord Elgin, whose workmen very arbitrarily removed them in 1804, crated them and shipped them from Greece to England, "New World" may one day find its way into a public museum, an object of great mystery.

Thomas Lingeman
28990 White Road
Perrysburg, OH 43551
Phone: 419-872-2619

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