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Sculpture Exhibit 2007-2008

Itinerant Man by Lee Benson

This is Something That I Had to Go Through by James Davis

Stacked Totem Forms by Liz Vercruysse

Polar Attraction by Karl Saliter

Itinerant Man
Market and High Street
This is Something That I
Had to Go Through

Meade Park

Stacked Totem Forms
Emmett Street at Barracks Road

Polar Attraction
5th Street and Cleveland

Conversation by Robert Garcia

Las Carpas #2 by Mark Clarson

Little Plant Dancing by Alacia Stubbs

Paring by Marvin Tadlock

250 Bypass
Las Carpas #2
Schenks Branch Greenway

Little Plant Dancing
Schenks Branch Greenway

Fifth Street near Cherry Avenue

Valence by Michael Cottrell

Specters by Kato Guggenheim

Emmet Street and Stadium Road
Preston Avenue/
Rose Hill Drive

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