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6' x 8' x 1'

This work of art was selected for exhibition in the 2009-2010 ArtInPlace competition.
It has been purchased by the City of Charlottesville and will remain on permanent display.

Location: Schenk's Branch/McIntire

Azure Sculpture

Value: $25,000

Artist Statement

The initial inspiration for this piece came from the distinctive shapes that are formed by the art of origami. It is also very important to me to use only shapes that can be found in nature. As stone is my preferred media, I began putting together different shapes of stones and the result is the piece you see before you today.

We all know that butterflies are delicate and fragile and stone would seem to be an inappropriate material to use. What if, as the process of evolution began, when things were so much larger in scale than what we have become, this is the way a butterfly might have looked? That became the route that lead to the vision of the texture, shape and scale of this piece. It was a reversal of time. It seemed to me, that seeing this piece on the edge of a large building or skyscraper would be very thought provoking. It basically has to do with the play of proportion and scale.

Philip Kyle Hathcock
1823 HWY 55 West
Cary, NC 27519

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