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Sculpture Exhibit 2010-2011

Is Good Ole Goodloe Gone? by Rick Brown Hathcock

Whale Tail Trio  by Thomas Givens

Sharing a Story by Marie-Pierre Philippe-Lohezic

Is Good Ole Goodloe Gone?
McIntire Park
Whale Tail Trio
Meadowbrook Heights/250

Sharing a Story
Washington Park

Stele XXXV by Paul Glasgow

Wind Feather by Cathrin Hoskinson

The Cycle by Hanna Jubran

Terra Mater by Ninni Baeckstrom

Stele XXXV
Shenk's Branch Greenway
Wind Feather
ByPass at Firestation

The Cycle
Emmett at Barracks Road

Terra Mater
Market & High

Silly Billy (Collins), Tears are for Crying!

Comma by Lee Badger
Silly Billy (Collins), Tears Are For Crying!
Fifth near Cherry
Rose Hill & Preston

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