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Creation of a Sculpture


Is Good Ole Goodloe Gone?

Red Oak Tree
21' x 5' x 40'

This work was donated to the City of Charlottesville by the artist

Location: McIntire Park

Comma Sculpture

Artist Cost: $12,000 Value: $85,000

Artist Statement

I find real pleasure in the physicality of building. I like to make pieces that are bigger than myself and I like to make site specific installations as they often present a number of unknowns that are encountered while making a work for the first time on a unique location. Each new piece presents a new set of challenges and there always exists the possibility that a project could fail. These components result in a dynamic working and learning environment that I perceive as a learning/making  adventure.

            My works usually have an aspect of time and what I call reality fragmentations. In a non linear way I break the piece and the site down into visual and contextual  fragments in a non representational way that opens itself to a wide range of interpretations.

            In recent years I have worked exclusively with distressed trees. Trees are perhaps our most important partner on the planet. It is safe to say that almost every culture has a designated sacred tree. Trees are noble symbols of strength and the spirit of life. I use the context of each specific tree to create a personage where the tree becomes a natural marker referencing a particular person that unites the person, the site and history with the tree.

Rick Brown
8 Meadow Farm Way
Norwell, MA 02061
781-354-1218 (cell)

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