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Whale Tail Trio

Reclaimed Mahogany with Epoxy  Fiberglass
Three Pieces, 12' x 15 x 7' d (each)

This work was purchased by the City of Charlottesville

Location: Meadowbrook Hts & 250

Whale Tail Trio Sculpture

Value: $36,000

Artist Statement

I originally became captivated by a photographic image of a diving whale in a Greenpeace calendar, which led to my initial and most monolithic whale tail.  After struggling through my first, I was introduced to wooden boat building techniques, and have applied the principles in subsequent pieces.  It is my hope that the vision of these sculptures will help instill wonder and reverence for these threatened and endangered fellow Earthlings.

Herman Melville’s Ishmael states, “In no living thing are the lines of beauty more exquisitely defined than in the cresent borders of these flukes.”  In another passage of Moby Dick Ishmael claims, “This peaking of the whale’s flukes is perhaps the grandest sight to be seen in all animated nature.”  My own representation in wood of this frozen moment depicts a glimpse of these mammals few of us will see in the wild. To imprint this image, through my art, into the consciousness of those who view it, is my intention.

Thomas F. Givens
1711 Essex Road
Charlottesville, VA 22901

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