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Current Sculpture Exhibit 2013-2014

"Three Musketeers" by Michael Bednar

"Dancing Milkweed V" by David Boyajian

"Sounding Stone" by Phil Hathcock

Three Musketeers
Stadium Rd. and Jeffrson Park Ave.
Dancing Milkweed V
Emmet St. at Barracks Rd.
Market and High St.
"Around the Gate" by Ray Katz "Velociraptor" by Caesar Morton

"Spirit of the Trees" by Barron Naegel

Around the Gate
Preston Ave. at Grady Ave.
250 ByPass and St. Charles
Spirit of the Trees
Washington Park on Preston Ave.

"Homage to Matisse" by Mike Sohikian

"Core" by Adam Walls "Kerplunk" by Adam Walls "Bipolar Hydra" by Glenn Zweygardt
Homage to Matisse
250 ByPass at Fire Station
Sounding Stone
Fifth St. near Cherry Ave.

Elliot Ave. at Burnett Commons
Bipolar Hydra
Preston Ave. and Rose Hill Dr.

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