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Beacon I (10'2" x 1'6"D) | Beacon II (12'8" x 1'6"D) | Beacon III (10'3" x 1'2"D)
Location: Preston and Grady

Artist Statement

These sculptures are called The Beacons (I,II,III), and are interpretations of dreams. These dreams go to paper in the morning as I wake and become reality in the studio in an attempt to move on to other dreams. The image of a Beacon sticks with me even after sketching it out and recurs frequently until the sculpture is made. The sculptures here are the first three that have made their way into a finalized form. They keep showing up in my sleep and I will continue to make them because of my fascination with this mysterious process. Currently there are seven(7) sculptures in this series with no end in sight. I only hope that the viewer may enjoy what these dreams have become.

Michael Sizemore
P.O. Box 170, 26 Oxley Road | Athens, WV 24712 |
304.384.9540 |

Beacon I Sculpture


Beacon II Sculpture


Beacon III Sculpture


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