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Night in the Forest
Stainless Steel
10 ’ x 4’4" x 3’

Location: Fifth St at Cherry

Night in the Forest Sculpture

Value: $20,000

Artist Statement

It is my intention to translate the world I see into sculpture, into some form that I can relate to, that I hope others can relate to and to give form to an idea or feeling. It may start with a gesture, a landscape, a laugh, a sad event, or a wonderful memory. I want to create a complete effect, combining humor with a sense of sincerity or gravity, perhaps through a title or the sculpture itself or a combination of the two.

This sculpture has been in process for a number of years. It began in 2004 as an enlargement of a small copper sculpture titled, “The Forest” that I made in 2002. Over the next decade I worked on the piece sporadically, changing parts of it here and there, then leaving it to move onto other projects. I returned to it last year and finally finished it and it has changed considerably from the initial enlargement. I have tried to capture the fear and uncertainty one feels walking in the forest at night, with the darkness enveloping you, unsure of what or who is out there, with only the lonely, “whoo –hoo” of a distant owl to keep you company, and yet knowing that for some nocturnal creatures, there’s a party going on.

Gregory Smith
1958 Mt. Anthony Road
North Pownal, VT 05260

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