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Waves (kinetic)

Stainless steel
9í x 7í x 7í

Location: 250 Bypass at Meadowbrook

Waves Sculpture

Value: $5,000

Artist Statement

Sailing and fishing on the Chesapeake Bay inspired me to build this kinetic piece. Iím fascinated by the power of wind and I wanted ďWavesĒ to demonstrate this. With a breeze, the three stainless crescents begin to rotate and when the wind picks up further, they spin unpredictably. Sunlight reflecting off the polished surfaces reminds me of water waves.

Iíve been asked if itís necessary to use math or physics to create a kinetic sculpture. In my case the answer is no, I just donít have the computational skills. But somewhere in the process when you build a kinetic sculpture, masses and moment arms all get balanced out, and when that happens it almost seems to come alive.

Richard Whitehill
1210 Reas Ford Road
Earlysville, VA 22936
434.978.1941 | 434.996.7331

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