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At Home with Higher Thoughts

Locust wood, desk screws, stain
12’ x 4’ x 3’

Location: Preston & Rose Hill Drive

Celestial Motion Sculpture

Value: $8,000

Artist Statement

My work is constructed and, like the Constructivist artists of the past, I understand this as both a way of working and a philosophy of art making. I work by putting things together, but I also intend my work to be constructive – to be of some help to the world and to help me understand it. Even my drawings seem constructed out of my past and present experiences, building them up with layers of pencil, crayon, and washes. I work in hopes that art will help me in my search for beauty, truth, and goodness. I occasionally have moments when these three seem to come together and I try to make art out of the experiences, thoughts, and feelings inspired by these occasions.

I find myself living in a world filled with distractions and art helps me pay attention to the world and to my work. How it all works is a mystery, but I can’t think of anything better to do, or that I would rather do, so I keep at it.

Art seems to have a lot to do with being between – between points of view, between heaven and earth, between past and present and present and future, and between what is and what could be. Being between presents me with opportunities to bring together and nothing seems more important at this time in human history than bringing together.

Charlie Brouwer
268 Akers Road, NW
Willis, VA 24380

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